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Fundraising to give back to Eva's Initiatives

  This month, a "clothing company" started in Toronto that used homelessness as it's design concept and exploited our city's most vulnerable community. The designs were offensive, stigmatizing and affected the people of our city very deeply. This "clothing company" also made false claims that they were donating 40% of their sales to an organization for homeless youth, but this organization had never even heard of them and were caught up in negative media attention by no fault of their own. Being that Toronto is such a compassionate, diverse, generous and caring city, many of us took personal offense to someone attempting to take advantage of our community for profit. Initially- and rightfully- our community's response was from a place of hurt...

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Thank you, Toronto

By purchasing a "Love" tee, you are helping sustain the Toronto initiative 'You Are Loved'. With each t-shirt, you purchase, one goes on the back of someone experiencing life on the street. Additionally, a meal, clothing, and personal hygiene products are provided to a spectrum of community members. Inclusive Love Apparel aims to support local businesses and most importantly promote love, inclusion, and awareness. Feel good clothing; all local love.

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